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VIP is a professional networking app that simplifies sharing your virtual identity with others and creates a phonebook for the 21st century

How VIP Works

The App


Create an account


The first step in using VIP is creating an account. This is done by registering your name and phone number with the app. From there you input the credentials to the social media accounts and contact information you will be sharing through VIP.

Select accounts to share


Using VIP's user friendly interface, select the accounts that you want to share at that moment. You can select any combination of social media accounts and contact information you have added to your VIP account. 



Instantly share!


Now you're ready to share your accounts and contact info using either of these methods:

  • Use VIP to generate a QR code that once scanned directs users to your own customized URL containing links to your selected accounts.

  • Air drop or Android beam your custom URL to anyone within range. 

Look up Later


Gone are the days of struggling to find someone's social media accounts. VIP also contains a user directory where by searching a user's name or phone number, you can locate their profiles on any social media platform they have linked to VIP. This directory is where you can find any user's online identity. It is a phonebook for the 21st century!






We are Chris and Lincoln and we are the the two college students working to bring our app VIP to life. Chris is currently a finance student at Metropolitan State University in Denver, and Lincoln is studying computer science and information analytics at CU Boulder. We met during a summer internship and realized we both had a passion for entrepreneurship and solving problems. Over the course of the summer, we brainstormed the concept of VIP and developed a non-functioning prototype of our app. We have poured thousands of our own dollars into the creation of VIP and need help to get the boost needed to fund our development team so that we can create a functioning alpha version of VIP. 

VIP removes the difficulty of sharing your online identity easily and in one place. VIP allows users to share their profiles with an easily scannable QR code or by seamlessly airdropping their customizable VIP url. VIP also creates an in app directory of users and their social media accounts so you can quickly locate anyone's profile on any platform.

Check out the link to our crowd funding page to help VIP take the next step in development. 

Currently we are looking to raise our next round of funding as we move past the prototype phase of development. Check out our Kickstarter campaign to join the movement and bring VIP to life!

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